An open Letter to the Ceo of Battersea dogs home

Dear Ms Horton, 

I read your article in the Huffington post with a sinking heart and to be frank felt that it was incredibly biased.

If you had actually spoken to a reputable rescue, and asked how we actually do things and then informed your readers on what to look for, your article would have not looked like an attempt to stitch up those of us who do things the right way.

So let me introduce you to my little Spanish girl, top dog in the picture. She along with her brother was dumped into a plastic bag and left to die. She was rescued by one of our supporters and brought into rescue. She was given all the vaccinations we give ENGLISH DOGS, microchipped to the rescue, given a pet passport, and two rabies vaccinations. They are also tested for Mediterranean diseases and Leishmaniasis.

She travelled back to the UK, with her hero my other half, before this could happen she was cleared to travel by a vet. Our rescue sends dogs overseas using reputable transport companies via the Traces system. How do I know this, every one of our dogs I casework is issued one of these I deal with them on a daily basis. 

I found this picture online and to me it says it all. This is why I do overseas rescue. My inbox is full of happy adopters who are giving a second chance to one of our dogs. But let me tell you rescue is a blessing, I feel honoured to be involved but some days it’s downright soul destroying.  When the week hasnt even begun properly and we have had litters of puppies left in the sun to die, or a pregnant bitch that is very very thin and due to give birth, or someone happens across an ex hunting dog that has been hung from a tree to die. And this is never ending it’s all day everyday. We had to say that we could not take anymore dogs in, when was the last time battersea did that? 

I’m not denying that people do what you have said in your article, not in the slightest, they do it in the UK too, that latest fashionable cross of two breeds bred in someones house for a few hundred quid, without proper vaccinations or vet checks dies or ends up with lifelong illnesses. But people need to do their own research on organisations and people they choose to adopt from and make sure rescue back up is offered.  Just as people should research the breeds they are looking to adopt, do their homework on training and socialisation and actually make time for their pet and not expect a rescue dog to arrive with no issues and perfectly well trained.

Rescue is hard enough Ms Horton, especially for those of us who don’t have Paul o grady at our facility helping to rehome our dogs. Perhaps you could come out to Spain and see what we do? Volunteer in our kennels for a week. Surely the dogs come first? 

Kind regards

Anne Marie Chinn.


I Appear Missing, Now!

Hello readers πŸ€— it’s been a while since I wrote a post and you may be wondering what the title of this one is all about πŸ€”. 

I appear missing is the title of one of my favourite Queens of the stone age songs and just recently it seems to sum up my life “shock me awake” please don’t sue my josh for using your lyrics πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but this is literally what happened to me. 

I will explain.  I’ve gotten into a bit of a rut recently, I’ve been coming home from work and either going back to bed, or sitting for the day curled up with my dogs ignoring the world. I’m present in my life physically, but not emotionally.  I’ve checked out.  “A spitting image of me, except for a heart shaped hole where the hope runs out” a tad over dramatic but it does emphasise my point.

I came to the realisation that I needed to get back into the world I’d wanted to escape for a while.  If your an empath and your reading this perhaps you can relate. I needed to just be by myself, lock off from the emotions and energy around me.  I liked it and I stayed there.  I got to the point where I only dealt with my family, and people at work.  But the problem with that is that I became more and more miserable, and as daft as it sounds I just stayed in that hole “watching the hope run out”.  Not good ☹

So then I began mind set coaching, and I began to focus on myself. I joined a group of divas and began to feel less like a robot. 

I realised that I had lost my path and when my familiar disappeared and was tempted away by tuna that I needed to make a change.  I suspected that the goddess was telling me that I had lost my way 😟.

I set up a ritual, said my invocation three times.  I knew she would listen she knows I don’t invoke lighty.  I wrote a letter asking for her help, and set to Scrying for my wayward cat.  Three days later I was walking the neighbourhood and stumbled upon a neighbour who had been feeding her.  I took my girl home and grounded her skinny butt.

I had realised while she was away that her wildness complemented my calmness.  Something that only came into being the further onto my reiki journey I went.  I have changed so much since my attunements that’s a subject for another blog post.

I decided to once again try and find some people who follow my goddess the Morrigan and low and behold I found two. One is dedicated to 31 days of activity, to better understand our Lady and also to show her some love 😍 I’ve never formally dealt with my lady it’s more like banter and it means a lot to me. One deep and meaningful meditation later, a chance to thank my lady for the safe return of the tabby squiff bag and I feel like I can take on the world.  She stayed with me!!!!

So the next thing was to tackle this issue of not going out, I wasn’t agoraphobic I just didn’t want to do it. As the weather has been totally tropical I decided to measure how much I got out by how tanned I get. Slightly vain at face value.  But if I don’t go out I don’t get tanned.  I decided I was going to journal also and brought a fabulous new journal.  My first words so to journal.  

I’ve always felt the need to write, to process my experiences, and In the last few days I’ve written some poetry which I havent done for so long. I’ve been out with my dogs in the woods, I’ve started casework again, I’ve been out on homechecks, I’ve even made new friends. 

Next step is to get my business up and running again and get this NVQ done and dusted. Start working with my crystals again.  I recently started carrying a pretty blue tigers eye I brought for my Scrying ritual, I’ve dedicated it to my goddess. It feels good to be carrying them again, I’m the girl that went to a job interview with every crystal she owned and then fell cut my knees really badly and still got the job πŸ˜†.

If your reading this and you feel the way I have and your doing the things I was doing.  It isn’t to late to get out of that funk.  Put that loud dancy music on, go out for a walk and admire the beauty around you.  I am promising myself that I wont deny the spiritual side of myself again, this is non negotiable. 

 I am promising myself that I won’t overdo the me time and become a hermit again, and I am promising myself that I will do what feeds and nourishes my soul.  

What will you promise yourself today? 
Ciao Fidge

(Learning to walk again πŸ˜†πŸ˜†)

I spoilt my puppy Shame on me!Β 

First off this is my first blog post of the new year so happy new year to you πŸ˜ƒ.

So in August we adopted a 7 month old puppy from Spain.  We had met her and fallen in love and looking back it was a rush decision.  To give a little background on our bundle of Joy her name is River.  She is a pointer mix. She was rescued by a lovely lady from a building site in some pretty nasty circumstances related to plastic bags (I’m sure you get the picture). 

I have always adopted rescue dogs that are older.  It’s lovely to see an oldie running around like a youngster, so taking on a pup was a first for me.  Our little girl has a very strong personality and could see sucker written all over our faces. She was uncouth, unmannered, unwalkable and wild as a wolf.

She chewed everything in sight even her big sisters face 😲.

One day I was doing some charity work and met a lady I had been trying to contact for some time as her facebook page had said she did puppy classes. We talked through Rivers issue’s and then she said to me it sounds like she”s bored.  I admitted that she had not long come out of season and had not been out much due to her behaviour.  My angel of training asked me to commit to at least half an hours walk plus training and scent games.

The following day I was out with kyla my German shepard.  And I came across my angel of training walking her dog and a clients dog.  We walked and talked mainly about River fishtailing on the lead. She showed me an hour long walk I could do with the girls and put me onto a product called the k9 bridle.  I had been considering a halti but in the future I will be using one of these.  All of a sudden I had a dog I could walk!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍.

We started doing that walk every single day.  Some days I would think I really don’t want to do this today but I would push myself to do it.  With the k9 bridle and lots of training in place River changed. She was a happy little soul, and with lots of treats floating around willing to do most things.

The thing is I used to complain that I didn’t get to spend enough time in the woods being a pagan that was my place.  Now I spend upto two hours everyday out in the company of my girls. And the best thing is they get time alone with me.  Kyla is working her recall skills, with mixed results especially when squirrels are around.

River Is learning to walk nicely on a lead, enjoying meeting new dogs and making friends, and she is learning to chase squirrel’s πŸ˜‚ she also enjoys all the smells and sounds in the woods.

As for me I’m a lot more relaxed now. After the walk is done the girls are tired and happy and I can get on and do what it is I need to do.  I am meeting new people every day and making four legged friends.  This is heaven for someone who loves dogs.

I’m learning how to cope with both girls out together.  It can be a little stressful but having brought a 10m lead for river will mean that she can play with her friends and work on her recall until it’s safe to let her off.

I feel guilty though I stopped walking my dogs as I didn’t feel I could handle them but I loved them enough to seek advice and to try different things.  It’s a great feeling as an owner to have the tools to be able to be in control.  I used to panic when river used to fishtail near the road scared she would pull out of her harness and get hurt.  Now she sits and waits until it’s time to go.  Looking back it seems so simple but when your stressed and your puppy is running round the bedroom at four in the morning I guess it’s difficult to think rationaly.

Looking back we spoilt her.  We showered her with love and kisses, but you know the saying spare the rod and spoil the child.  I believe it’s the same with dogs.  She’s still spoilt she gets lots of treats.  Frozen kongs full of yummy goodies. She deserves all that and more but I think we let our hearts rule our heads a bit.  Every child needs discipline as well as love.

Next stop working that nose of hers.we know of a lady who makes scent kits and I cant wait to get madam one. 

Ciao Fidge

(Enjoying puppy time πŸ™„)

The Worst Part of being a Dog owner πŸ˜Ÿ


In actual fact it pretty much sucks.

Last week we faced what is the worst day in a dog owners life that final journey.  and man it’s painful.  but let me rewind back to the week before.  

I had been preparing myself for this for quite some time and when you get to that point in a dogs life each vet visit is met with an impending sense of doom. 

Things had progressed on since our last visit and I walked in and told the vet my concerns.  I was quite shocked when he suggested a stronger form of painkiller.  and reminded me that I kind of jumped the gun a bit earlier in the year.

Don’t get me wrong I loved my boy to the moon and back, but I also know that I can’t be selfish and have to do the right thing and in my pets best interests.

We spent a week with a wobbly dog who was clearly miserable and after speaking to the vets on and off during that week I called and asked for my vet to call me I wanted to cut these drugs out.  

That day we had a lovely day and I’m thankful for it.  I spent the day watching TV curled up with all three dogs and benji lay at my feet as he had done for years. around 5pm he attempted to stand up, he cried out which he never did he never showed pain. the rest Is far too painful to write but that visit ended in us letting him go.  there was nothing else we could do it was the only option.

I won’t go through the whole process I don’t want to upset anyone.  I wanted to share our last moments.  I left the room to get the vet and he tried to get off the table to follow me old faithful 😘.

I was determined to share one last experience with him and I knew that he loved reiki.  so I opened up and gave him the reiki he loved so much.  he was at peace and then he was gone. in love and light as it should be.

Both the girls had known.  for ages they had taken turns to comfort him and lie with him.  I think I knew as well.  the evening of his passing our 9 month old puppy had tried to snap him out of the funny turn he was having by nipping him and barking in his face.  our German Shepard assumed guard mode by the door.

I tried to tell myself I was okay, but I wasnt really.  I tried to be strong for the girls. P who were just as heart broken as we were.

One of the things we loved about benji was what we called his victory roll.  it never failed to make me smile.  and when we got back from holiday In august he was on his back victory rolling with delight.  not long after we lost him we were sat in the kitchen and river did a benji victory roll exactly as he used to do.

Now you could argue that she learnt that from him and I have no doubt she did but it certainly means that his memory will live on.  just as he assumed certain traits attributed to kai his previous friend sleeping in my washing pile was one of them.

I think each time you loose a dog you learn something.  benji was the only dog in the house for quite some time before the girls came along.  I will never do that again, he developed such a bond with kyla and I know that rivers puppy antics gave him great pleasure and he watched her with a twinkle in his eye. I wish he could have had that earlier.  

I totally understand that people say oh I could never have another dog it hurts too much and it does.  but believe me your dog doesn’t feel that way.  I have heard of dogs hanging on waiting and I knew that benji was waiting for the girls to take over.  kyla was a headstrong silly girl until river arrived then she became a leader.  

Ive been blessed with three dogs as an adult four if you count river and they have all been amazing loyal companions.  I could never imagine not having a dog in my life.  But that loyalty comes at a price and it’s so so high.

I threw myself into my rescue work.  He inspired me to do it every single day.  his story is in a previous post and I treasure it because it shows just how much he gave me back.  rescue is good for the soul.

If your reading this post then your obviously a dog person like me.  I usually have a meaning to every post I write and I think this time I will let you take from it what you will.  I can remember having a conversation with my son about rainbow bridge in which he described it in vivid detail for his age.  I was captivated and comforted.

I know this post is kind of sad but it’s also a celebration of a second chance well lived and a testement to an amazing friend.

Much love 

Anne-Marie πŸ•



I joined the world of network marketing in the summer of 2015 by joining Forever Living Products.  I was lured in by the promises of financial freedom and dreamed of being a little old lady in yurt, drumming away and running an empire from my fone. I quickly fell in love with the product’s and despite several attempts to head hunt me I’ve remained with Forever despite those shiny balls being waved in front of me.

After excitedly spamming and loosing a fair few of my friend’s I looked around for a new group of people to connect with and joined several networking groups and started to interact with other people in the industry. this opened me up to other MLM companies and groups full of recruitment adverts.  I had tried placing adverts in these groups and still do but now only really to increase the audience to my two main business pages.

I see a lot of posts which start off with “what’s out there that’s free to join” or “I’m looking for a company but no blah blah company I’ve tried them they are a scam” etc etc.  Firstly yes there are companies which are free to join and that’s great if you like their products but joining a company just because they are free isnt going to give you product passion or any enthusiam it’s doomed from the get go.  80% of people who join Forever start out as customers. and frankly if you saw what I spend on myself in my own shop every month you’d probably faint πŸ˜‚

If you wanted to set up a traditional non MLM business you would have to at least invest in that business whether it was premises, stock or advertising.  There would be some initial outlay.

So as I said do your homework guys.  the next time that online party pops up on your timeline don’t ignore it, if your seriously looking for an online opportunity then multi company parties are a great way to check out what companies are out there and what opportunity they are offering without six hundred network marketers throwing their opportunity at you.

Understand the business plan and what the compensation plan is.  every company varies in how you get your commission what you have to sell etc etc.

Get to know the person who will be your upline (mentor) their job Is to show you the business.  do they recognise their team? or are they more interested in their own achievements? This is so so important. 

Have a nosy on the direct selling association website.  I know for a fact that Forever Is a member of the DSA but is the company your looking at on there? 

Don’t be scared to to ask questions take ownership of that investment.  if your parting with your hard earned cash ask exactly what your going to get for the money.  ask about website’s and those extra hidden costs. and anything else you need to know to make an informed choice.

Here is a link to my coaching and mentoring page.  please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to know more about what Forever has to offer.
Ciao Fidge 

Team lone wolf! 😍


So the Christmas season is approaching us and I thought I would do my bit for rescues everywhere by writing about the reality of owning a puppy in the hope that when people are researching getting a puppy this crops up and once reading this account they at least have a good think before rushing out and getting one.

Don’t get me wrong having a puppy is a great experience but it is HARD work.

I blame the movies it’s the same story over and over again.  Child desperately wants a puppy, but always gets one at the END of the movie why? So they don’t have to show you the reality.  Or the puppy is naughty and it is all hearts and flowers because “oh what a loveable scamp” Pah watch this space!!!!!!

Soooo without further ado let me tell you our story…

Back in August this little black and white bundle fell for my other half and we decided she would fit right into our family.  well I say fell for my other half but perhaps she saw that we had sucker written on our foreheads. We named her River.

This picture swayed our decision.  HEIKE SINSBECK is the photographer.  My other half went to get her and brought her home.


I did wonder if somewhere along the line he had swapped our cute sweet little puppy for a velcoraptor!!!! πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

See the princess tag? Within two weeks I couldn’t look at it without laughing!

 So without further ado here are my pointers for owning a puppy.

1/ Stock up on Enzyme Cleaner!!!!

Even a house trained puppy can slip back, and that’s what happened with River, we would let her out goodness how many times a day and would still find smelly and wet suprises on the living room carpet.  It got to the point where we would even treat the adult dogs for going to the toilet in the garden.  Which resulted in some funny looks from them I can tell you.   Get excited when your puppy goes in the Garden it means you won’t have to clean it up.  Our turning point? A piece of astroturf training aid.  Muchas gracias sioux 😘.

2/ They have no manners or boundaries

Puppies don’t know what’s expected of them they jump up on you when you get home, try and steal your food from your plate, bite on your sleeves, jump all over you, chase and bark at the cat, and if your really lucky they work as a team with your slightly geriatric older dog to ensure that you can never leave any food in the oven as it won’t be there when you get back!!!!! A whole pan of mince gone in the ten mins it took me to go to the shop!!! I’m not joking.

We have three dogs and we do everything in pack order, benji, then Kyla then River.  If your going to get a puppy please make sure you research basic obedience, work to ensure your puppy is socialised with other dogs, and figure out what you need to teach your puppy to ensure they are a well behaved well mannered dog!

A picture of the Oven raiding team.

3/ Try and puppy proof your home.

This is easier said than done.  Puppies chew absoloutly every thing.  River seems to favour smelly socks! 😝😝😝😝 it’s disgusting! The straw that broke the camels back was when she chewed a rather intimate object from ann summers.  Need I say more? Adopt a puppy and you get a set of teeth πŸ‘Ή so lock up your valuables and anything you wouldnt like to see in the mouth of your puppy.

4/ Get used to saying “No” or “get down” a lot!

She chews things she shouldn’t,  she chases the cat along the work surfaces and scavages anything she can get her four paws on.  we say no 100 times and she will still do what we have told her not to!

5/ puppies have soooo much energy.

You know that time of night when your getting into bed? your tired and you just want to chill.  well your puppy will think that is playtime.  running round the bedroom jumping all over you and has been that way pretty much since you woke up this morning.  puppies have tons of energy and I’m not even joking.

So that’s my tips on puppies there is more I could say but ultimatly I wrote about what i felt was most important.  Having a puppy is also rewarding as well.  they are loving and eager to please and great fun to watch.  I guess we are lucky because mama Kyla has taken our puppy under her wing.  

Puppies are hard work but it won’t last forever.  as long as you are consistent with your puppy and show them who is Alpha then chances are you will be fine.  don’t let your puppy rule the roost you will be creating a monster one that could backfire and end up in rescue once the problem gets too hard to handle.

don’t get me wrong I love my girl to the moon and back but I never got what I expected and wished I had been more prepared.

Have fun and enjoy!

Ciao Fidge 

(Bedraggled Puppy mom) 


If you’ve followed my blog for a while you kinda know I’m the outdoors type of person.  I love to be out and about with my dogs doing things and I really don’t mind getting my hands dirty.  

I have pretty much been a Tomboy most of my life my younger years have been spent climbing trees and falling out of them, running around with boys and wishing I were prettier.

So joining forever living products wasn’t a logical next step for me.  Beauty products and make up and everything in between really wasn’t my deal or so I thought.  I actually swore I wouldn’t sell the make up as I won’t sell products that I don’t use myself.

But then came June 2016 and the fact that I hit 35 this year…

I attended the June success day and had raided my up line joanne’s make up bag and then I started snapping selfies.  The response I got on social media shocked me.  I’d gone from hiding behind fantasy art pics of beautiful women to posting pictures of myself.  I felt naked and exposed.  The response I got from those closest to me was totally unexpected.

Suddenly I understood why women LOVE make up, it makes you feel totally different.   Then I was in a Dilemma wearing make up went against every single principle I held.  I hated the stuff I hated the way it felt on my face, I always seemed to look like a clown and it really just wasn’t me.

But when I hit my 30’s things changed.  I became more aware of the way I looked.  And through using Forevers products I could see changes in myself.  Through drinking the gels and doing c9’s on a regular basis I was slowly becoming happier in myself.  The personal care products rounded off that package.  They improved my confidence in ME!

The make up was the icing on the cake.  Pretty much most of Forever make up is infused with Aloe Vera, I love the fact that I don’t suddenly feel like my face is about to fall off like a landslide and it really doesnt interfere with my life.  And when I’m done being a girlie girl I go wash it off and go back to basics.  

I think there Is a happy medium between being a girlie girl or a Tomboy it’s called being whoever the heck you want to be! I like to be both.  It’s no big secret that I’ve been on a huge personal journey these last three years and discovering I actually like wearing make up and having a pamper now and then actually makes me feel good.  

As important as the spiritual side of my life is and finding that inner peace has certainly helped, I also like to suprise people now and then as well.  Taking care of my body from inside to out has improved my confidence too.
There is a big culture on social media against selfies, but ive learnt not to Judge, I click the like button or even a love or a wow.  I’d like to think that someone who gets that notification smiles and thinks OMG I never expected that….. just like I did.

My greatest triumph and happiest moment was when I asked my son that question that all males dread “How do I look? ” the answer “stunning” coming from a teenager and anyone who owns one can relate that’s praise indeed.  The fact that he agreed to take a selfie with me well that almost choked me up.

So back to the message, there is always a message πŸ™„ be who you want to be, if you want to jump on a facebook live sporting a mom  bun do it.  If you want to sit for hours doing your make up do it! If you can’t leave for the school run without looking like you stepped off the cover of Vogue fair play girl.  And if your a TomGirl like me embrace it.  Do whatever makes you happy and keeps you true to yourself.

Life Is too short to worry about what others think live in the here and now. And enjoy it!!!!!

 If makeup is your thing and you’d like to know more about our products you can head over to my facebook page at  Check out the shop now option.then look for the tab which says flawless by Sonya.

Thanks for reading.

Ciao Fidge πŸ’™

A new chapter – Caseworker for Axarquia Animal RescueΒ 

So I have this Friend who lives in Valez in Malaga,  we met through a mutual friend, and just recently I flew out to see her.  Now I knew about her work with Axarquia Animal Rescue (AAR) through talking to her, and I did ask if we would visit the kennels while we were there.  I think I had some vision of mucking out kennels or taking some dogs for a walk or something along those lines.

We were met by the sounds of barking and the back of a cat who seemed to be the only person who wasn’t bothered by the heat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and as you can see lots of dogs who were very pleased to see us.

I won’t go into mega amounts of detail about the guys who run the riogordo kennels except to say they were awesome and after visiting I wanted to be a part of the team.

Our visit was also very memorable because of this little lady……..

When we met, her name was lady, she’s a beautiful little pointer cross puppy.  You’ve probably already guessed what’s coming she is coming to live with us in the UK.   Now I’m slightly nervous she’s younger than any dog I’ve ever had before but she’s an old soul and she chose us.  She followed us out as if to say “are we going home now?” Her name is now River.  

She didn’t have a fantastic start in life, I won’t go into details but it was life or death.  And despite everything she has a beautiful personality, a sunny nature and a maturity beyond her years.

So in addition to the new addition I signed up to be a caseworker for the rescue.  A caseworker makes sure the healthcare needs of the animal are met and that everyone on the planet knows they need an amazing forever home.

Enter foxy (aar 1539) 

She was abandoned with her siblings and is now currently looking for a new home. Her foster mom adores her, and you know what hats off to anyone who fosters because the one time I tried it I ended up Adopting the slinky little baggage I just couldn’t let go.
You wouldn’t believe how much time i spend thinking about this little soul.  I’m not alone, no one in rescue seems to sleep and now I know why.

Another pup that’s stolen my heart this week is Tulay (aar 1561) 

Again not wanted, taken away from her mum before her eyes were even open.  She’s been poorly, fighting for life, a survivor just like my River and little Foxy.

  The thing is as much as Tulay also dominates my thoughts, I wish that I could rescue her mum πŸ˜”πŸ˜” I actually worry about what sort of life she has and how she’s treated.  One of the reasons that I am a big advocate of spaying female dogs.

Here are a few more guys looking for their forever homes (sorry I know it’s emotional blackmail 😊) 

Please take a look.  There are over 6o dogs in rescue and more on the waiting list it’s heart breaking.

Ferdy (aar 1517)

 He is two years old and is really quiet he likes his own company and has no problem being on his own he is very refined and will not jump up people although he does do a happy dance when he sees you,  he has lost part of his tongue properly for an encounter with a processionry  caterpillar also he doesn’t bark very often he has barked maybe twice in three months.
Look at that face…… got room in your heart and home for this handsome Podenco?

 How about these guys? 

INDI (AAR 1149)

MIKE (AAR 1528)

Pancho (AAR 1207)

Kitty (AAR 1418) 

TILLY (AAR 1443)

Bracken (AAR 1152) 

Merry (AAR 1552) 

Chui (AAR 1554)  

BEAU (AAR 1538) 

There are so many more, heres the link to the gallery to see the guys i couldnt put here. You can find their stories and all their details.  Behind each dog is a dedicated caseworker who will work with you to adoption and beyond.  And those guys are simply amazing.  Above and beyond doesn’t even begin to cover it.

If your still reading thank you so much, please direct any enquiries to the website. 
I want to shout out the the Foster Carers, a lot of the dogs who come through the doors are puppies.  Many far too young to be away from their mom and these guys gear up for long nights of syringe and bottle feeding, the pup you see is a tribute to their dedication and sleepless nights. And I’ve not heard a complaint yet.

Please have a look at the website below. We need foster carers and we need caseworkers too.  Even a like on the Facebook page and sharing an appeal for a forever home can help.  That’s how I started.

Ciao Fidge

Why adopt an older dog?Β 

People who know me know that I’ve had a dog in my adult life for nearly 20 years.  During that time I’ve only owned one dog that wasn’t an old age pensioner when I adopted them.  He was an exceptional case and he found and rescued me. However I stuck with him until the bitter end through thick and thin.

But when you visit rescue centres there seem to be an exceptional amount of dogs that are around the age of nine.  All waiting for their forever homes, and watching potential adopters head straight for the puppies.  Having taken a younger dog through that age and beyond I’m loath to understand why so many dogs end up in rescue around the age of nine. 

I get it that most people adopt a dog to become part of the family, I get it that older dogs can cost more money when they need vet care and I also get it that when they go over to the bridge it damn well hurts.  

Let me introduce you to my three:

The first dog I owned was a GSD x Lab called kai.

He lived until he was almost 13, and for those 11 years he and my son were my world.  He was a gentle beautiful wise dog who made everyone feel loved, he would ever so gently lay his head on your lap to be stroked.  When his time came I did what was necessary and he took a whole cross breed shaped hole out of my heart.

After loosing him I vowed that I would also adopt older dogs, and however swayed by husky and GSD puppy pics I know the oldies are the ones for me.

Next comes Benji 

AKA trash panda.  We adopted him from dogs trust almost six years ago.  And he has to be one of the most inspirational rescues I’ve ever met.  His story can be found in a previous post entitled confessions of a trash panda.

Benji was nine when we adopted him, a stunning lab x collie who celebrated his 15th birthday this year.

Next comes kyla, her paperwork says she’s nine.  She is a GSD x Collie.

She came to us from suki’s canine rescue.  A local rescue group who are amazing and live sleep and breathe dogs and rescue.  Kyla is whats known in the trade as a failed foster she was only meant to stay three days and she’s been with us almost a year.  She goes by various nickname miss slinky legs, moomin and princess.
Adopting older rescue dogs can mean that they come with some  baggage,  lets face it the older we get the more baggage me carry.  It’s taken benji almost six years to shed his and let me in and when kyla came to us it was clear she had some issues too.  But working through those issues creates a bond between you and your dog, it’s unshakeable and truly soulful.

Kyla filled the great big GSD hole in my heart and ensured that in keeping up with the family tradition I will never pee alone again πŸ˜‚.

πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆphoto spam alert πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

Can you see what rescues can do? When given the chance of a forever home? These guys aren’t spring chickens but they make sure they live life to the max.  They ride it like they stole it.  

Every dog is different as I hope I have shown by introducing all three but one thing they all have in common is that they have or do live life to the max despite their age.

So please if your reading this and considering Adopting a dog or know someone who is considering Adopting, firstly please look to rescue first but also please take a look at that dog with the grey or white muzzle.  The one that maybe doesn’t move as fast as the others or the soulful wise old eyes.   Please open your heart to an older dog I promise you they are worth it and you get so much back even if its only.for a few short years.

The photo spam above had a point, yes I love to show my dogs off every single one of them and why not they are all beautiful dogs, but also great examples that like with humans age is nothing but a number.

Thank you for reading, I only write about things I’m passionate about and my dream is to see every older dog in a forever home that accepts the quirky but also sees the potential in an old age pup.

  I wish there wasn’t a need for rescue at all, but I’ve not met anyone in rescue who hasn’t inspired me and that has to suffice for now.

Ciao Fidge 

(Old age pup mom) 

Network marketing is it all selfies and positive quotes?

Well actually no it isn’t. 

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day she’s a business and life coach, we had connected via Facebook  and I’ve become somewhat of a content mum groupieπŸ€—she jokingly referred to me as the queen of selfie.  I got to thinking do people think that all network marketing is, is taking selfies and posting positive quotes.

The picture above is a classic example of the kind of profile picture I used to hide behind.  I have no idea who to credit this photo to but it’s beautiful and thank you.  If I did manage to take a half decent photo it used to cause a Facebook sensat ion with so many comments and likes it was unreal, I used to get so uncomfortable and it used to put me off posting pics of myself. 

So how did I go from hiding to queen of selfie you might be asking? and how is it relevant to this blog post?

Well, during the first few months of my business I avoided showing people the benefits of my products.  I avoided video, I avoided selfies, I avoided putting myself out there.  I thought that having a Facebook business page was enough and posting and spamming my friends with products was enough.  It wasnt I got no where fast!!!!!

I took a break from my business, and decided I wanted to work on me for a while.  In the biz it’s known as mindset! And it’s massively important. 

So when I looked at myself I needed to become more positive and quotes let me tell you can do that.  It’s so easy your scrolling through Facebook and you see a quote that reaches out and grabs you, you hit share and that quote stays with you for the rest of the day.

Behind most network marketing businesses is a person who is constantly working on their mindset and reading and growing as a person.

Looking back on a year ago, yes I’ve just celebrated my aloeversary 😎 I was a totally different person, I’ve worked hard to change and grow. Having a deep love for the products I sell is only part of the story, but also developing the confidence to give myself an online presence and take selfies. I do think that perhaps the products I use and the various spiritual experiences I’ve had have played a massive part in this also, however reaching out and grabbing your own destiny in your own hands will only serve you well.

Also connecting with other like minded people too that helps, I mentioned earlier that I had become a content mum groupie well one of her strong messages is to ditch perfection.  I sat and laughed when I heard this thinking about how many outtakes I have on my phone when something wasn’t just quite right.  Facebook live in recent months has blown that all out of the water, the only perfectionist part about it is the fact that you can ensure if it does go drastically wrong that anyone who didn’t catch u live can’t see the replay.

So No network marketing isnt just about taking selfies and sharing quotes and spamming your friends with product posts.  It’s actually about self development, drive, determination and self belief and you know what it’s fun too πŸ€—.

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