There’s more to Flyball than winning Medals πŸ˜

So this weekend we headed off to a Flyball Comp hosted by the Dukes Flyball team. And we were camping Friday and Saturday night. Perhaps I should just mention this blog is again Snark free and may contain tears 😭

We headed down late on Friday night and after we all whizzed through putting up the tents I took River in for her tea. She settled in straight away on my bed πŸ™„πŸ™„

I could hear everybody talking outside but chose to stay in with my girl and we bedded down for the night. I wanted to keep her as chilled as possible. So i fired off a quick text to explain why I wasn’t joining everyone. We didn’t sleep to well always the way when you go camping especially on the first night.

As it was forecast to be hot racing started early. I asked river if she was ready ready ready and the pic above says it all. Once she had woken up she was up for it.

While we waited rivers friend primrose came to visit. These two are beautiful friends and seeing them together this weekend has melted my heart. When your dog is reactive any friend they make is special and meaningful.

Racing started nice and early. River ran as start dog. Something we’ve only done a couple of times before but it works for her, because by the time I’ve retrieved her it’s time for her to race again. She coped with a jump collapsing on her and several restarts. By the time racing was done I was very very proud.

To make things even more emotional for the first time ever we sat in amongst the team. It was amazing. My girl sat next to dogs she’s previously been reactive towards.

After racing we had a rest and then went to presentation. Again a first for river. She was bribed with some yummy fishy treats which we won for taking part. And a whole magnum Ice cream (no chocolate) Again she behaved impeccably.

After the presentation I went and sat in a quiet corner and had a good cry. Tears of Happiness. We sat in companionship with our team mates and their dogs as the evening wore on. A relaxed and tired river.

We went to bed early. River flaked out on her bed and I fell asleep too. We both slept really well. As the early hours drew in a little body crept in and cuddled up to her mum.

We woke and headed out for the loo (river not me) we saw some of our teamies out for a walk. After sharing a bacon Batch together we relaxed for the rest of the day. River and primrose enjoyed each other’s company and everyone tried to keep cool.

After heading out to presentation we headed home.

No rosette for us this time around but this weekend was probably one of the most important weekends of our flyball career. I pushed my little girl and she responded by upping her game. She sat next to a flyball race that we weren’t competing in and didn’t bark once. And yesterday my clever little sausage glanced at dogs and then looked at me for treats instead of barking. I don’t care if it takes us five years to reach open sanctioned competition. I just want her to be happy and not stressed. I’m beginning to see that this is now possible. We’ve worked so hard to show her there’s nothing to fear.


High cross Steam Fair 17/06/18 Flyball Competition – Spending time with my dad.

First of all a happy Fathers day to All Flyball dad’s. Mine came to watch me flyball today.

Today’s post is a little different, there will be less Snark 🐊🐊 because I was a little gem πŸ…

So this morning everyone gets up early. I toddle downstairs with mum and curl up in a sleeping bag that mum is waiting to wash. Dad asked me if I wanted to go flyball, I just looked at him with a sleepy look and went back to sleep. I was a good girl and didn’t bark when mum and dad started putting things in bags.

We drove to a strange place lots of dogs πŸ• yep flyball, but they had these weird things that produce steam. Mum and dad were complaining that my “Bum smelt” yeah right of course my butt smells of Roses πŸ’β˜’β˜’

Mum and dad then spent the next hour getting me in and out of the car saying “come on girlie do a poo for mummy” I was there when she announced to the whole team I had been and waving two smelly bags around 🀫🀫 mum PLEASE.

So I came and sat with mum for a bit. She normally does this in short bursts so that I stay nice and calm before race time. BUT because I was such a good girl I got to sit out with mum instead of listening to dad snoring in the car 🀩🀩 lots of nice smells around.

I did sing the song of my people as you can see in the picture above. But I handled being around so many dogs very very well.

So then we raced. I did try and escape. Introduce myself to the other team and see if their lane was better by running up it. But I was also a little superstar. I ran up got my ball, went back to mum and didn’t hardly get any lights. Mum was really really happy and I got to keep racing loads. I think I only got one light.

Then mum took me to see my dad. He bent down gave me a huge cuddle and a cheeky bit of burger. I was a happy girl.

After a rest and a cuddle and a sleep with my dad. Mum came back with a toy and my dad and I played with it. Silly daddy bit his tongue though.

I went back to Race again. I cheered my team on as I was having a race out. This time when I raced there was a really nice smell at the box so I decided to stop and sniff instead of grab and run.

Then it was all over and mum was taking my harness off. She told me that we had come fourth. BUT that our team had run a personal best. Under thirty seconds. Wow no wonder I was so tired. My friends and I have run our paws off.

We drove home and now I’m a sleepy puppy on the sofa. I had a really good day today. I enjoyed my daddy time. And I didn’t have to sit out so many races because I couldn’t focus.

Fleabert (or an angel clone of her πŸ’πŸ’)

Earls Barton Mad Mutts Flyball competition, a tale of burger vans, new tuggy and Asbo mayhem.

So this morning mom got up with the alarm she usually gets up with dad aka as far too early. I thought we would go back to bed but no mum started getting dressed so I sulked. Then she started packing my flyball gear then she started asking if I wanted to go and do flyball and I gave her a sleepy wag.

So we leave the house to meet Auntie Fi, I hadn’t had enough sleep and mom hadn’t had enough coffee so we were both quiet. I could hear my friends barking in the van but I was too tired to chat back.

After a while we arrived at this place, omg SHEEP. the smells. Mum took me to Ferns van and I went into the crate to rest up a girl likes her sleep you know 😏 and Fern is a fantastic napping partner.

After a top notch nap mum came and took me for a walk, there were lots of dogs and I could see they were racing. Mum did some training with me and I was a nice calm girl. I’m still not totally comfortable around so many dogs but when the dogs appeared so did food so all good. I enjoyed all the smells around the place, filled my nose with all sorts of smells. Would you believe I met a pig? 🐷🐷 well sort of mum wouldn’t let me go close but I saw it from a distance.

So I went back to the van for another nap. Mum came and took me for another walk but wow this time she gave me a fluffy tuggy. Yes!!!! Happy river. Mum twirled the tuggy so much that she made herself dizzy 😜😜. We went and sat by the ring and although I did shout a bit me and mom handled things like a team πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

So finally we got race πŸŽπŸ…I went out of the ring to do a Zoomie. Forgot I needed to up and get my ball, And went up and barked at the other dogs. Mom trod on my paw. But I did an awesome run back and slammed straight on my new tuggie. At the end of the first session I took myself out of the ring for a drink I was too hot. Mom made me walk through a puddle of water but I was cross with her for splashing my belly 😑😑.

My friend jade sometimes leaves the ring to go and find the burger van. But I was lucky I got to lie in the shade AND smell all the yummy smells like bacon and sausage πŸ₯–πŸ₯¨πŸ– and keep cool bonus.

I spent some time under the picnic table with my mate Dotty after mum got under the table with me to show me what to do. She had to wriggle out pretty quickly when it was time to race again 😏😏 honestly humans!

After our first set of races I was tired and went back for a snooze on the cool mat and a nice long drink. The humans sat around talking and had lunch. I could hear them laughing and talking. After a break we raced again. This was when I messed around a little but there were other dogs to bark at. Then racing was over and the humans went off to congratulate each other I mean really us dogs did all the running.

I was so tired after such a long day I fell asleep in the van on the way home. I was very happy to see my sister and still had enough energy to Zoomie around the garden. When can we go and flyball again mum.

River 🐾🐾

Banbury cross Starters Competition – Commentary from River.

After a fairly late drive down to Banbury in the pouring rain. A team effort pitching our tent. Thank you Hayley and Fiona πŸ’œ and a fairly decent nights sleep. My sister and I have to stage a jailbreak at least once in a camping trip (mom = πŸ™„πŸ™„), So we went to announce our arrival to the locals across the way. Thanks again Fiona for catching the big one #heartinmouthmoment. Racing was delayed until 10am, which was fine because I’m not a morning person and got to have extra cuddles in bed.

We went to stand with our team. I decided to shout at the dogs in the ring. Dogs who were passing. Pretty much everyone. Mom kept walking away and making me look at her. Heard her telling dad I have a beautiful watch. Actually I will do anything for that beautiful liver cake. The minute she switches to normal treats it’s game over. That watch command mom sorry but no chance.

So then we raced, well I’m not used to so much space. And there’s other dogs in the other side. I wanted to go and meet them. And I wanted to do zoomies. Unfortunately mom got wise to this and stationed people at all the exits, what’s a girl to do? I would try and fly at them but then threw myself on the ground in a dive that would make a footballer proud. One race mom tries to send me up to Fiona but one of my friends had dropped her ball so I just took and run off.

Mom took me away to the tent. Dried me off and then I had a cuddle with dad. Then it was time to go again. Moms body language was a bit more relaxed when we came out. She was playing tuggy with me and laughing.

We had three more races and mom was screaming her head off and running away really fast. In my last race mom was really happy as I brought my ball all the way back.

I went back to our tent and had a big sleep with dad (dad did a lot of sleeping on Saturday) I thought it was rude not to keep him company. Mom disappeared for a while she came back and started making all those noises she makes when I’ve done something really good. She pinned this orange thing to my flyball harness gave me a kiss and then told me what a clever girl I am. She told me to go and show my dad. He then made all of those happy noises too.

We then packed up our tent and went home. I was fine with that their bed is way more comfortable than the one we sleep on while we are camping. Mom gave me some of that orange gunk in my tea last night, this morning She’s going on about how glad she is that I’m not stiff or anything. Mom would also like to thank the ladies who guarded the road to freedom. Personally I wanted to do zoomies so I wasn’t happy 😏😏.

So a quiet day it is today I’ve earnt it.


Fleabert aka River πŸΎπŸ’πŸΆ

Fleabert loves to Flyball. (Although she fits right into Keresley K9 asbo team)

An off hand comment from one of River’s foster moms’ about her being suited to Flyball has come to fruition this weekend as River competed for the first time with the Keresley K9 starter team.

We knew through the wonderful Sioux at Suki’s canine Rescue, of a local flyball team called the Keresley K9’s. After chatting with Fiona for a while I decided that River needed some more basic training. My work schedule didn’t allow for me to commit regularly to training and the time wasn’t right.

When River was two I again approached Fiona and she told me that the K9’s were on the move to a new training ground. So after Xmas she could go and try out.

We have never looked back…..

River loved her first training session!!!! If she hadn’t we would never have gone back. But we did. Again and Again and Again.

Doing flyball with a reactive dog can be a challenge some days. But the benefits she gets from flyball outweigh absolutely everything. After this weekend I have to admit that I am a total Flyball addict. It’s as good as jumping off a sky diving platform and the adrenaline rush was amazing.

We have been training with Keresley since January but only really on a consistent basis since March.

In that time my girlie has socialised with other dogs. River has made new dog friends. She’s found a new Zoomie partner in Primrose and also learnt that being separated from the German Shepard who helped raise her isn’t such a bad thing at all. From my perspective I’ve gained a family. we belong πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

Best of all she gets some mummy time with me πŸ–€ it’s hard being a dog mom or dad who works away. You miss them like crazy. Sundays are mom and river time.

I am lucky I guess my girlie has taken to Flyball like a duck to water. I couldn’t be prouder of her.

This weekend we competed at Banbury cross starters competition. After splitting the entry fee fairly between those of us competing we grabbed our camping gear and set off with our dogs. I was always a little nervous. River was an unknown quantity in this team and despite reassurances I was worried about what might happen.

It was wet and cold. River didn’t show the form she had In training but can I really blame her for that. The simple answer is no! She went off to do zoomies, she went to visit the other team (heart in mouth moment) and then in the last run it all clicked. She sprang up the jumps, got her ball, ran back and produced her best run of the competition.

Fourth Place in our Division.

But is it really about winning rosettes? Let’s face it they are nice. We are proud of all of our team who all did their part and made it happen.

It’s about the dogs doing a sport they love and having fun.

So we are Keresley K9’s for life. We love the sport and we would also like to thank Fiona and Val for their quick thinking and creative training ways that make each session fun and entertaining.

From my perspective I’m a socially awkward person, who doesn’t find dealing with people easy (a bit of a laugh when you know what job I do). I am so grateful for your support when my dog is being a reactive pain in the ass or when she gets a light in competition. I am grateful to be accepted for what I am and i am grateful that my girl loves to Flyball.

Next competition at the end of May I’m ready ready ready!!! River is always ready. I’m stoked and excited. We are the Keresley Asbos!!!!! And we Zoomie loud and proud.

Rivers take on our previous competition is on a separate post.


Flyball Fidge

I spoilt my puppy Shame on me!Β 

First off this is my first blog post of the new year so happy new year to you πŸ˜ƒ.

So in August we adopted a 7 month old puppy from Spain.  We had met her and fallen in love and looking back it was a rush decision.  To give a little background on our bundle of Joy her name is River.  She is a pointer mix. She was rescued by a lovely lady from a building site in some pretty nasty circumstances related to plastic bags (I’m sure you get the picture). 

I have always adopted rescue dogs that are older.  It’s lovely to see an oldie running around like a youngster, so taking on a pup was a first for me.  Our little girl has a very strong personality and could see sucker written all over our faces. She was uncouth, unmannered, unwalkable and wild as a wolf.

She chewed everything in sight even her big sisters face 😲.

One day I was doing some charity work and met a lady I had been trying to contact for some time as her facebook page had said she did puppy classes. We talked through Rivers issue’s and then she said to me it sounds like she”s bored.  I admitted that she had not long come out of season and had not been out much due to her behaviour.  My angel of training asked me to commit to at least half an hours walk plus training and scent games.

The following day I was out with kyla my German shepard.  And I came across my angel of training walking her dog and a clients dog.  We walked and talked mainly about River fishtailing on the lead. She showed me an hour long walk I could do with the girls and put me onto a product called the k9 bridle.  I had been considering a halti but in the future I will be using one of these.  All of a sudden I had a dog I could walk!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍.

We started doing that walk every single day.  Some days I would think I really don’t want to do this today but I would push myself to do it.  With the k9 bridle and lots of training in place River changed. She was a happy little soul, and with lots of treats floating around willing to do most things.

The thing is I used to complain that I didn’t get to spend enough time in the woods being a pagan that was my place.  Now I spend upto two hours everyday out in the company of my girls. And the best thing is they get time alone with me.  Kyla is working her recall skills, with mixed results especially when squirrels are around.

River Is learning to walk nicely on a lead, enjoying meeting new dogs and making friends, and she is learning to chase squirrel’s πŸ˜‚ she also enjoys all the smells and sounds in the woods.

As for me I’m a lot more relaxed now. After the walk is done the girls are tired and happy and I can get on and do what it is I need to do.  I am meeting new people every day and making four legged friends.  This is heaven for someone who loves dogs.

I’m learning how to cope with both girls out together.  It can be a little stressful but having brought a 10m lead for river will mean that she can play with her friends and work on her recall until it’s safe to let her off.

I feel guilty though I stopped walking my dogs as I didn’t feel I could handle them but I loved them enough to seek advice and to try different things.  It’s a great feeling as an owner to have the tools to be able to be in control.  I used to panic when river used to fishtail near the road scared she would pull out of her harness and get hurt.  Now she sits and waits until it’s time to go.  Looking back it seems so simple but when your stressed and your puppy is running round the bedroom at four in the morning I guess it’s difficult to think rationaly.

Looking back we spoilt her.  We showered her with love and kisses, but you know the saying spare the rod and spoil the child.  I believe it’s the same with dogs.  She’s still spoilt she gets lots of treats.  Frozen kongs full of yummy goodies. She deserves all that and more but I think we let our hearts rule our heads a bit.  Every child needs discipline as well as love.

Next stop working that nose of hers.we know of a lady who makes scent kits and I cant wait to get madam one. 

Ciao Fidge

(Enjoying puppy time πŸ™„)

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