I joined the world of network marketing in the summer of 2015 by joining Forever Living Products.  I was lured in by the promises of financial freedom and dreamed of being a little old lady in yurt, drumming away and running an empire from my fone. I quickly fell in love with the product’s and despite several attempts to head hunt me I’ve remained with Forever despite those shiny balls being waved in front of me.

After excitedly spamming and loosing a fair few of my friend’s I looked around for a new group of people to connect with and joined several networking groups and started to interact with other people in the industry. this opened me up to other MLM companies and groups full of recruitment adverts.  I had tried placing adverts in these groups and still do but now only really to increase the audience to my two main business pages.

I see a lot of posts which start off with “what’s out there that’s free to join” or “I’m looking for a company but no blah blah company I’ve tried them they are a scam” etc etc.  Firstly yes there are companies which are free to join and that’s great if you like their products but joining a company just because they are free isnt going to give you product passion or any enthusiam it’s doomed from the get go.  80% of people who join Forever start out as customers. and frankly if you saw what I spend on myself in my own shop every month you’d probably faint 😂

If you wanted to set up a traditional non MLM business you would have to at least invest in that business whether it was premises, stock or advertising.  There would be some initial outlay.

So as I said do your homework guys.  the next time that online party pops up on your timeline don’t ignore it, if your seriously looking for an online opportunity then multi company parties are a great way to check out what companies are out there and what opportunity they are offering without six hundred network marketers throwing their opportunity at you.

Understand the business plan and what the compensation plan is.  every company varies in how you get your commission what you have to sell etc etc.

Get to know the person who will be your upline (mentor) their job Is to show you the business.  do they recognise their team? or are they more interested in their own achievements? This is so so important. 

Have a nosy on the direct selling association website.  I know for a fact that Forever Is a member of the DSA but is the company your looking at on there? 

Don’t be scared to to ask questions take ownership of that investment.  if your parting with your hard earned cash ask exactly what your going to get for the money.  ask about website’s and those extra hidden costs. and anything else you need to know to make an informed choice.

Here is a link to my coaching and mentoring page.  please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to know more about what Forever has to offer.
Ciao Fidge 

Team lone wolf! 😍



If you’ve followed my blog for a while you kinda know I’m the outdoors type of person.  I love to be out and about with my dogs doing things and I really don’t mind getting my hands dirty.  

I have pretty much been a Tomboy most of my life my younger years have been spent climbing trees and falling out of them, running around with boys and wishing I were prettier.

So joining forever living products wasn’t a logical next step for me.  Beauty products and make up and everything in between really wasn’t my deal or so I thought.  I actually swore I wouldn’t sell the make up as I won’t sell products that I don’t use myself.

But then came June 2016 and the fact that I hit 35 this year…

I attended the June success day and had raided my up line joanne’s make up bag and then I started snapping selfies.  The response I got on social media shocked me.  I’d gone from hiding behind fantasy art pics of beautiful women to posting pictures of myself.  I felt naked and exposed.  The response I got from those closest to me was totally unexpected.

Suddenly I understood why women LOVE make up, it makes you feel totally different.   Then I was in a Dilemma wearing make up went against every single principle I held.  I hated the stuff I hated the way it felt on my face, I always seemed to look like a clown and it really just wasn’t me.

But when I hit my 30’s things changed.  I became more aware of the way I looked.  And through using Forevers products I could see changes in myself.  Through drinking the gels and doing c9’s on a regular basis I was slowly becoming happier in myself.  The personal care products rounded off that package.  They improved my confidence in ME!

The make up was the icing on the cake.  Pretty much most of Forever make up is infused with Aloe Vera, I love the fact that I don’t suddenly feel like my face is about to fall off like a landslide and it really doesnt interfere with my life.  And when I’m done being a girlie girl I go wash it off and go back to basics.  

I think there Is a happy medium between being a girlie girl or a Tomboy it’s called being whoever the heck you want to be! I like to be both.  It’s no big secret that I’ve been on a huge personal journey these last three years and discovering I actually like wearing make up and having a pamper now and then actually makes me feel good.  

As important as the spiritual side of my life is and finding that inner peace has certainly helped, I also like to suprise people now and then as well.  Taking care of my body from inside to out has improved my confidence too.
There is a big culture on social media against selfies, but ive learnt not to Judge, I click the like button or even a love or a wow.  I’d like to think that someone who gets that notification smiles and thinks OMG I never expected that….. just like I did.

My greatest triumph and happiest moment was when I asked my son that question that all males dread “How do I look? ” the answer “stunning” coming from a teenager and anyone who owns one can relate that’s praise indeed.  The fact that he agreed to take a selfie with me well that almost choked me up.

So back to the message, there is always a message 🙄 be who you want to be, if you want to jump on a facebook live sporting a mom  bun do it.  If you want to sit for hours doing your make up do it! If you can’t leave for the school run without looking like you stepped off the cover of Vogue fair play girl.  And if your a TomGirl like me embrace it.  Do whatever makes you happy and keeps you true to yourself.

Life Is too short to worry about what others think live in the here and now. And enjoy it!!!!!

 If makeup is your thing and you’d like to know more about our products you can head over to my facebook page at  Check out the shop now option.then look for the tab which says flawless by Sonya.

Thanks for reading.

Ciao Fidge 💙

Network marketing is it all selfies and positive quotes?

Well actually no it isn’t. 

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day she’s a business and life coach, we had connected via Facebook  and I’ve become somewhat of a content mum groupie🤗she jokingly referred to me as the queen of selfie.  I got to thinking do people think that all network marketing is, is taking selfies and posting positive quotes.

The picture above is a classic example of the kind of profile picture I used to hide behind.  I have no idea who to credit this photo to but it’s beautiful and thank you.  If I did manage to take a half decent photo it used to cause a Facebook sensat ion with so many comments and likes it was unreal, I used to get so uncomfortable and it used to put me off posting pics of myself. 

So how did I go from hiding to queen of selfie you might be asking? and how is it relevant to this blog post?

Well, during the first few months of my business I avoided showing people the benefits of my products.  I avoided video, I avoided selfies, I avoided putting myself out there.  I thought that having a Facebook business page was enough and posting and spamming my friends with products was enough.  It wasnt I got no where fast!!!!!

I took a break from my business, and decided I wanted to work on me for a while.  In the biz it’s known as mindset! And it’s massively important. 

So when I looked at myself I needed to become more positive and quotes let me tell you can do that.  It’s so easy your scrolling through Facebook and you see a quote that reaches out and grabs you, you hit share and that quote stays with you for the rest of the day.

Behind most network marketing businesses is a person who is constantly working on their mindset and reading and growing as a person.

Looking back on a year ago, yes I’ve just celebrated my aloeversary 😎 I was a totally different person, I’ve worked hard to change and grow. Having a deep love for the products I sell is only part of the story, but also developing the confidence to give myself an online presence and take selfies. I do think that perhaps the products I use and the various spiritual experiences I’ve had have played a massive part in this also, however reaching out and grabbing your own destiny in your own hands will only serve you well.

Also connecting with other like minded people too that helps, I mentioned earlier that I had become a content mum groupie well one of her strong messages is to ditch perfection.  I sat and laughed when I heard this thinking about how many outtakes I have on my phone when something wasn’t just quite right.  Facebook live in recent months has blown that all out of the water, the only perfectionist part about it is the fact that you can ensure if it does go drastically wrong that anyone who didn’t catch u live can’t see the replay.

So No network marketing isnt just about taking selfies and sharing quotes and spamming your friends with product posts.  It’s actually about self development, drive, determination and self belief and you know what it’s fun too 🤗.

You can find me over at :

And content mum with great facebook lives at:
Ciao Fidge

Why I drink Aloe vera gel in the morning


The idea of drinking Aloe Vera in the morning might seem like a strange one however,  the benefits I get from it make it a must in my home.

I wont lie it doesnt taste pleasant, but I guess each to their own.  My partner takes the freedom and loves the taste,  whereas I don’t. But I love the yellow and he doesn’t.

Everyone in my house drinks it even our two dogs and three cats all have some too. And they all seem to recognise that its good for them.

On a personal level I find that drinking gel helps me stay regular.  It gets rid of nasty bloating.  And has an impact on my skin and hair. I can definitely tell when I’ve not had any.


Each gel is different but all are made from stabilised Aloe Vera gelly and forever only uses the Middle part which is the most nutritious bit of the plant.

Why not Google the uses for Aloe Vera gel and how it could benefit your life.

If your interested in any of the four drinking gels you can find them here at my shop, along with many other aloe products.

Ciao Fidge
(Gel drinking weirdo)

C9 and Fit Programmes


How will you feel on 6th April 2016?

Join the hundreds of others who are spring cleaning their systems and getting set for summer

What difference would it make to you if you had more energy every single day? What could you do with it? What would you then be able to achieve for yourself?

There was a perfect time to start your healthy lifestyle and cleanse your body in the past. The 2nd best time is right now

Wake up, shake up, make up and Spring into your Summer body


I personally love the C9 programme.  And I also love the fact that customers on the programme are offered the opportunity of a support group.  People applaud your achievements and swap recipies and tips.

If your interested in any of the FIT products you can find it here at my shop, along with many other aloe products.

Ciao Fidge
(Coverting that summer body)

A recommendation from Fidges Aloe Arsenal


So yes im a business owner with a network marketing company.  I sell Forever Living products.  For those who dont know forever produce aloe vera products and they grow the aloe as well.

So now that we have gotten that dirty little secret out of the way i’d like to talk about this nifty little hand sanitizer.

It contains aloe (naturally) and also honey.  And i will tell you something it smells amazing.  The aloe in it moisturizes your hands and leaves them feeling soft and hydrated.


This is my hand before i use the product.


This is my hand after using the product.

In an 8 hr shift i loose track of how often i wash my hands and this sanitizer is a godsend.  So if your in the healthcare or support work sector or even just wash your hands a lot, this product could make a total difference.

People who purchase or try this product tell me time and time again that they love it.

If your interested in this product you can find it here at my shop, along with many other aloe products.

(I would wave but too busy smelling my hands.

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