If you’ve followed my blog for a while you kinda know I’m the outdoors type of person.  I love to be out and about with my dogs doing things and I really don’t mind getting my hands dirty.  

I have pretty much been a Tomboy most of my life my younger years have been spent climbing trees and falling out of them, running around with boys and wishing I were prettier.

So joining forever living products wasn’t a logical next step for me.  Beauty products and make up and everything in between really wasn’t my deal or so I thought.  I actually swore I wouldn’t sell the make up as I won’t sell products that I don’t use myself.

But then came June 2016 and the fact that I hit 35 this year…

I attended the June success day and had raided my up line joanne’s make up bag and then I started snapping selfies.  The response I got on social media shocked me.  I’d gone from hiding behind fantasy art pics of beautiful women to posting pictures of myself.  I felt naked and exposed.  The response I got from those closest to me was totally unexpected.

Suddenly I understood why women LOVE make up, it makes you feel totally different.   Then I was in a Dilemma wearing make up went against every single principle I held.  I hated the stuff I hated the way it felt on my face, I always seemed to look like a clown and it really just wasn’t me.

But when I hit my 30’s things changed.  I became more aware of the way I looked.  And through using Forevers products I could see changes in myself.  Through drinking the gels and doing c9’s on a regular basis I was slowly becoming happier in myself.  The personal care products rounded off that package.  They improved my confidence in ME!

The make up was the icing on the cake.  Pretty much most of Forever make up is infused with Aloe Vera, I love the fact that I don’t suddenly feel like my face is about to fall off like a landslide and it really doesnt interfere with my life.  And when I’m done being a girlie girl I go wash it off and go back to basics.  

I think there Is a happy medium between being a girlie girl or a Tomboy it’s called being whoever the heck you want to be! I like to be both.  It’s no big secret that I’ve been on a huge personal journey these last three years and discovering I actually like wearing make up and having a pamper now and then actually makes me feel good.  

As important as the spiritual side of my life is and finding that inner peace has certainly helped, I also like to suprise people now and then as well.  Taking care of my body from inside to out has improved my confidence too.
There is a big culture on social media against selfies, but ive learnt not to Judge, I click the like button or even a love or a wow.  I’d like to think that someone who gets that notification smiles and thinks OMG I never expected that….. just like I did.

My greatest triumph and happiest moment was when I asked my son that question that all males dread “How do I look? ” the answer “stunning” coming from a teenager and anyone who owns one can relate that’s praise indeed.  The fact that he agreed to take a selfie with me well that almost choked me up.

So back to the message, there is always a message 🙄 be who you want to be, if you want to jump on a facebook live sporting a mom  bun do it.  If you want to sit for hours doing your make up do it! If you can’t leave for the school run without looking like you stepped off the cover of Vogue fair play girl.  And if your a TomGirl like me embrace it.  Do whatever makes you happy and keeps you true to yourself.

Life Is too short to worry about what others think live in the here and now. And enjoy it!!!!!

 If makeup is your thing and you’d like to know more about our products you can head over to my facebook page at  Check out the shop now option.then look for the tab which says flawless by Sonya.

Thanks for reading.

Ciao Fidge 💙


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