So the Christmas season is approaching us and I thought I would do my bit for rescues everywhere by writing about the reality of owning a puppy in the hope that when people are researching getting a puppy this crops up and once reading this account they at least have a good think before rushing out and getting one.

Don’t get me wrong having a puppy is a great experience but it is HARD work.

I blame the movies it’s the same story over and over again.  Child desperately wants a puppy, but always gets one at the END of the movie why? So they don’t have to show you the reality.  Or the puppy is naughty and it is all hearts and flowers because “oh what a loveable scamp” Pah watch this space!!!!!!

Soooo without further ado let me tell you our story…

Back in August this little black and white bundle fell for my other half and we decided she would fit right into our family.  well I say fell for my other half but perhaps she saw that we had sucker written on our foreheads. We named her River.

This picture swayed our decision.  HEIKE SINSBECK is the photographer.  My other half went to get her and brought her home.


I did wonder if somewhere along the line he had swapped our cute sweet little puppy for a velcoraptor!!!! 🙈🙈🙈

See the princess tag? Within two weeks I couldn’t look at it without laughing!

 So without further ado here are my pointers for owning a puppy.

1/ Stock up on Enzyme Cleaner!!!!

Even a house trained puppy can slip back, and that’s what happened with River, we would let her out goodness how many times a day and would still find smelly and wet suprises on the living room carpet.  It got to the point where we would even treat the adult dogs for going to the toilet in the garden.  Which resulted in some funny looks from them I can tell you.   Get excited when your puppy goes in the Garden it means you won’t have to clean it up.  Our turning point? A piece of astroturf training aid.  Muchas gracias sioux 😘.

2/ They have no manners or boundaries

Puppies don’t know what’s expected of them they jump up on you when you get home, try and steal your food from your plate, bite on your sleeves, jump all over you, chase and bark at the cat, and if your really lucky they work as a team with your slightly geriatric older dog to ensure that you can never leave any food in the oven as it won’t be there when you get back!!!!! A whole pan of mince gone in the ten mins it took me to go to the shop!!! I’m not joking.

We have three dogs and we do everything in pack order, benji, then Kyla then River.  If your going to get a puppy please make sure you research basic obedience, work to ensure your puppy is socialised with other dogs, and figure out what you need to teach your puppy to ensure they are a well behaved well mannered dog!

A picture of the Oven raiding team.

3/ Try and puppy proof your home.

This is easier said than done.  Puppies chew absoloutly every thing.  River seems to favour smelly socks! 😝😝😝😝 it’s disgusting! The straw that broke the camels back was when she chewed a rather intimate object from ann summers.  Need I say more? Adopt a puppy and you get a set of teeth 👹 so lock up your valuables and anything you wouldnt like to see in the mouth of your puppy.

4/ Get used to saying “No” or “get down” a lot!

She chews things she shouldn’t,  she chases the cat along the work surfaces and scavages anything she can get her four paws on.  we say no 100 times and she will still do what we have told her not to!

5/ puppies have soooo much energy.

You know that time of night when your getting into bed? your tired and you just want to chill.  well your puppy will think that is playtime.  running round the bedroom jumping all over you and has been that way pretty much since you woke up this morning.  puppies have tons of energy and I’m not even joking.

So that’s my tips on puppies there is more I could say but ultimatly I wrote about what i felt was most important.  Having a puppy is also rewarding as well.  they are loving and eager to please and great fun to watch.  I guess we are lucky because mama Kyla has taken our puppy under her wing.  

Puppies are hard work but it won’t last forever.  as long as you are consistent with your puppy and show them who is Alpha then chances are you will be fine.  don’t let your puppy rule the roost you will be creating a monster one that could backfire and end up in rescue once the problem gets too hard to handle.

don’t get me wrong I love my girl to the moon and back but I never got what I expected and wished I had been more prepared.

Have fun and enjoy!

Ciao Fidge 

(Bedraggled Puppy mom) 


An outsiders view of a mothers love for her children. 👪

When you have children the world can be a scary place.  You are given this tiny bundle to love and protect and there seems to be a bogeyman lurking around every corner and harm is at every turn.

Every time someone smiles at you and your child you scowl at them and wonder why? 

This hasn’t always been the case however I think partly thanks to the media and high profile cases in which unspeakable things happen to children have sent us hyper alert.

When you suffer the loss of a child or a pregnancy the world can become a very lonely place, everyone seems to be having babies and thanks to social media everyone seems to posting pictures of their children.  

I have been in both of the positions mentioned above.  I have a healthy thriving almost sixteen year old but I have also lost two children as well.  One to miscarrage and one to ectopic pregnancy.  

I will admit that I used to suffer from insane jealousy when looking at social media and seeing pregnant ladies, newborn children and happy kids.

After starting my network marketing business I began to make new friends and invariably many of them are mums with young children.

Two ladies in particular and if they read this they will know I am talking about them.  One friend has a beautiful little girl so cheeky and funny and when we video chatted her daughter would be around as any busy mum knows wanting to be in on the action.  If my friend puts pictures up I get a tag and pictures in my inbox.

As my friend and I became closer I would chat to her little girl and say hi and wave. And then we move into the realms of give the “Monkey” a hug or a kiss from me.  One day I signed off with those words and recieved the most beautiful photo in response.  I was blown away by the love between mother and daughter and how I had been allowed to see such a special moment.  

I had a conversation with my friend and I told her that being included in her daughters life was very special to me and that It helped heal my heart very early on in our friendship and how privaliged I felt to be allowed to watch her daughter grow.

My other friend called me and as most children do her daughter wanted to say hi, so I spent about five mins just say hi to her.  Then a few minutes later I got a video of her little girl.  Again I smiled and felt privaliged.

I got to wondering about my own experiences as a mum, how many times had I held my son close as a young child just because they had smiled at him.  And was reminded of my first time out shopping with my newborn son and a little Irish woman came over peered in my pram and started exclaiming how beautiful my son was as I tried to spread myself over the pram (not a mean feat with a silvercross).

Perhaps that lady had found herself in the situation that I am now.  Perhaps she also finds joy in other people’s children.

I guess my point here is that there are some people out there who find joy in other people’s children, not because they are bad people but because their own losses have shown them the beauty of children and how a child can somehow brighten up your day.  I have a little girl I know on the bus.  I usually meet her on vet trips and she likes animals too.  She chats to me and fusses whichever pet I have with me that day.

One particular day she went back to her mum and drew a cat on the window which I photographed and shared with my facebook friends.

Don’t get me wrong I love my own child with all my heart and I have so many beautiful memories.  But the circle of life keeps on going and I miss having a little one around. But also seeing the bond between mothers and their children from the outside looking in has given me a view I didnt see from the other side of this coin.

Getting back to the point of this blog post, I’ve been so lucky that so many ladies in my life have been generous enough to share the precious moments they have with their children with me. I am lucky to have those precious memories myself.  But there are women out there who don’t have that and the highlight of their day might be meeting you and your child on the bus.  I wonder how many people had a snapshot of the relationship I have with my son and felt the same way.

Ciao Fidge

(A favourite with children and animals)

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