A new chapter – Caseworker for Axarquia Animal Rescue 

So I have this Friend who lives in Valez in Malaga,  we met through a mutual friend, and just recently I flew out to see her.  Now I knew about her work with Axarquia Animal Rescue (AAR) through talking to her, and I did ask if we would visit the kennels while we were there.  I think I had some vision of mucking out kennels or taking some dogs for a walk or something along those lines.

We were met by the sounds of barking and the back of a cat who seemed to be the only person who wasn’t bothered by the heat 😂😂 and as you can see lots of dogs who were very pleased to see us.

I won’t go into mega amounts of detail about the guys who run the riogordo kennels except to say they were awesome and after visiting I wanted to be a part of the team.

Our visit was also very memorable because of this little lady……..

When we met, her name was lady, she’s a beautiful little pointer cross puppy.  You’ve probably already guessed what’s coming she is coming to live with us in the UK.   Now I’m slightly nervous she’s younger than any dog I’ve ever had before but she’s an old soul and she chose us.  She followed us out as if to say “are we going home now?” Her name is now River.  

She didn’t have a fantastic start in life, I won’t go into details but it was life or death.  And despite everything she has a beautiful personality, a sunny nature and a maturity beyond her years.

So in addition to the new addition I signed up to be a caseworker for the rescue.  A caseworker makes sure the healthcare needs of the animal are met and that everyone on the planet knows they need an amazing forever home.

Enter foxy (aar 1539) 

She was abandoned with her siblings and is now currently looking for a new home. Her foster mom adores her, and you know what hats off to anyone who fosters because the one time I tried it I ended up Adopting the slinky little baggage I just couldn’t let go.
You wouldn’t believe how much time i spend thinking about this little soul.  I’m not alone, no one in rescue seems to sleep and now I know why.

Another pup that’s stolen my heart this week is Tulay (aar 1561) 

Again not wanted, taken away from her mum before her eyes were even open.  She’s been poorly, fighting for life, a survivor just like my River and little Foxy.

  The thing is as much as Tulay also dominates my thoughts, I wish that I could rescue her mum 😔😔 I actually worry about what sort of life she has and how she’s treated.  One of the reasons that I am a big advocate of spaying female dogs.

Here are a few more guys looking for their forever homes (sorry I know it’s emotional blackmail 😊) 

Please take a look.  There are over 6o dogs in rescue and more on the waiting list it’s heart breaking.

Ferdy (aar 1517)

 He is two years old and is really quiet he likes his own company and has no problem being on his own he is very refined and will not jump up people although he does do a happy dance when he sees you,  he has lost part of his tongue properly for an encounter with a processionry  caterpillar also he doesn’t bark very often he has barked maybe twice in three months.
Look at that face…… got room in your heart and home for this handsome Podenco?

 How about these guys? 

INDI (AAR 1149)

MIKE (AAR 1528)

Pancho (AAR 1207)

Kitty (AAR 1418) 

TILLY (AAR 1443)

Bracken (AAR 1152) 

Merry (AAR 1552) 

Chui (AAR 1554)  

BEAU (AAR 1538) 

There are so many more, heres the link to the gallery to see the guys i couldnt put here. You can find their stories and all their details.  Behind each dog is a dedicated caseworker who will work with you to adoption and beyond.  And those guys are simply amazing.  Above and beyond doesn’t even begin to cover it.


If your still reading thank you so much, please direct any enquiries to the website. 
I want to shout out the the Foster Carers, a lot of the dogs who come through the doors are puppies.  Many far too young to be away from their mom and these guys gear up for long nights of syringe and bottle feeding, the pup you see is a tribute to their dedication and sleepless nights. And I’ve not heard a complaint yet.

Please have a look at the website below. We need foster carers and we need caseworkers too.  Even a like on the Facebook page and sharing an appeal for a forever home can help.  That’s how I started.


Ciao Fidge


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